How can I pay?

Select the service you need and add it to shopping cart. Fill the info about your character: name, server and battletag. Specify your preferred method of communication email, skype or discord. Enter a discount coupon if you have one.

How will I be contacted after payment?

Our operator will contact with you via skype/discord or email within few minutes after the payment.
We use it just for chat.

What's the difference between account sharing and self-play?

Account sharing - our player will log into your account following all security measures and make a boost;
Self-play - we will invite you in our group/raid and you will play yourself during the boost.

How safe is it?

This is absolutely safe. In case account sharing we will use VPN your country. Our players never write something in game to your friends or guild. Also we can change battlenet status to offline mode.

How can I trust you?

In fact, it's very simple. Let's start with the fact that our reputation and satisfied customers are the most important things that we have. We invest a lot of resources in creating and maintaining our site competitive, so it simply makes no sense for us to leave the client unsatisfied for the sake of a one-time benefit. Another barrier to your protection is that we accept payments via paypal. If you don't get the service you paid for, they will easily refund your money. And of course, reviews from our real customers who share their impressions of our service.

Can I use my account during your services?

Yes. You will be able to play on your account any time you want. We will message you via skype/discord to let you know when we need to log in your account.