Subscription is a unique offer from unlimited boost team. Now the game is arranged in such a way that every week players are forced to perform basic activities for their characters, so that they have the actual level of gear and neck, the necessary corruption items, a sufficient amount of echoes of ny'alotha and other important things. By subscribing, you will receive a weekly performance of the necessary gaming activities for the time period you selected. This means that every week we will do for your character Torghast Tower on 8th layer in 2 wings (weekly cap). Every week you will get a lot of rewards which will make your character more stronger. The subscription includes a large discount, which will be an additional advantage when choosing this service.

Our professional players will help you not only to perform the selected service, but also to learn the gameplay. They will coach you the features of the game, tricks that will help you easily overcome difficulties in the game, teach you how to act in various game situations. 



  • By purchasing this carry you will get Torghast Tower on 8th layer in 2 wings (weekly cap) every week during subscription period;
  • Every week with subscription you will get corrupted 1140 Soul Ash.


Great Vault is a new "weekly chest" system that you've already seen in previous expansions, which will allow players to choose their weekly reward based on recent successes. Players will be able to increase the level of rewards and expand their choice by completing certain tasks in dungeons and raids – the better they played last week, the more rewards they will get to choose from, and the better those rewards will be.

The interface of the Great vault looks like this: there are 3 lines responsible for raids, mythic+ dungeons, and PvP, and each of these lines has 3 weekly cell tasks available. Completing a task opens its cell, which expands the selection of items that will be available to the player in the weekly chest at the beginning of the next week. Important to remember that in this weekly chest, players will only be able to choose 1 of several available rewards, and if no item is suitable, then you will be able to get a universal currency – Brimming Anima Orb instead. For example, if you complete all 3 raid tasks and 2 dungeon tasks within a week (5 total), you can choose 1 item from the chest from 5 available items.


One of the key new additions to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is Torghast. This tower of the damned is located in the most dangerous zone of the Shadowlands – The Maw – and is a terrible prison for the most evil creatures, valuable souls and at the same time the place where the jailer lives. Players of the highest level will have to look into this dangerous place to climb as high as possible, cope with numerous opponents and get a variety of rewards, including the materials needed to create a legendary armor. Tower is a dungeon-challenge designed for both single passage, and performing in a group of up to 5 players of any role (the level of difficulty, of course, varies depending on the number of players). The main task of this dungeon is to get as far as possible, testing your abilities. However, the higher players climb this tower, the more difficult the opponents become and the more the mechanic resists their progress. 

Tower is divided into wings, floors, and layers. Each week, 2 of the 6 wings are available for passing. Each wing has 8 layers, and each layer has 6 floors. The higher the layer,the harder it is, the harder it is to pass-mobs and bosses become stronger, riddles are harder, and so on. The main goal of passing the tower is to farm Soul Ash, which is required for mining and improving legendary items. The more layers you complete, the more Soul Ash you will get. However, you don't have to go through all the layers again every week. For example, if you pass layers 1,2 and 3, you will get access to layer 4 at once. Next week when you complete this layer, you will receive rewards for this layer plus rewards for all previous layers.


  • Self Play - you will play on your character during completing this service. We will invite you in our group/raid with pro-players and make all necessary things.


  • 60 level character;
  • 170 ilvl gear;
  • Access to Torghast Tower;
  • Access to 8th layer. 


Please write us if your have any questions. Our operators ready to help you 24/7 in website chat!