Legendary items one of the most important part of gear in Shadowlands expansion. Now you can craft legendary items by selecting the most necessary ones from the list. To crafting legendary items, you will need a Base Item of the appropriate level and slot type, 2 Missives, Soul Ash and The Memory of the Runecarver Legendary Recipe for a Legendary Power that matches the slot type of the Base Item. 



  • By purchasing this carry you will get selected Memory of the Runecarver Legendary Recipe;
  • We will make all necessary activities to get desired Memory;
  • ETA 1-4 weeks;
  • Full list available Legendary Powers you can see in table below:

Name of the Memory

Legendary Power


 Memory of the Sun's Cycles

 From Dusk till Dawn

Stone Legion Generals, Castle Nathria

 Memory of the Mad Paragon

 The Mad Paragon

Great Vault

 Memory of the Magistrate's Judgment

 The Magistrate's Judgment

Xav the Unfallen, Theater of Pain

 Memory of Maraad's Dying Breath

 Maraad's Dying Breath

Grand Proctor Beryllia, Sanguine Depths 

 Memory of the Shock Barrier

 Shock Barrier

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

 Memory of the Shadowbreaker

 Shadowbreaker, Dawn of the Sun

Kael'thas Sunstrider, Castle Nathria

 Memory of the Sunwell's Bloom

 Inflorescence of the Sunwell

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

 Memory of a Holy Sigil

 Holy Avenger's Engraved Sigil

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

 Memory of the Ardent Protector

 The Ardent Protector's Sanctum

Sludgefist, Castle Nathria

 Memory of the Righteous Bulwark

 Bulwark of Righteous Fury

High Adjudicator Aleez, Halls of Atonement 

 Memory of the Endless Kings

 Reign of Endless Kings

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

 Memory of the Lightbringer's Tempest

 Tempest of the Lightbringer

Oryphrion, Spires of Ascension

 Memory of a Relentless Inquisitor

 Relentless Inquisitor

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

 Memory of the Vanguard's Momentum

 Vanguard's Momentum

Sire Denathrius, Castle Nathria

 Memory of the Final Verdict

 Final Verdict

Valinor, World Boss

Our professional players will help you not only to perform the selected service, but also to learn the gameplay. They will coach you the features of the game, tricks that will help you easily overcome difficulties in the game, teach you how to act in various game situations. 


  • Account Sharing - we will play on your character during completing this service. We don't need answer on your secret question, we need only login and password your account. You can keep authenticator on your account, you will need just approve it when we try to log in.
  • Self Play - you will play on your character during completing this service. We will invite you in our group/raid with pro-players and make all necessary things.


  • 60 level character;
  • Access to Torghast tower. 


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