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World of Warcraft Raids are the hardest PvE instances in the game. Completing the raid is essential for every, who wants powerful equipment and weapon, but it requires an organized team of skilled and experienced players with excellent knowledge of tactics. It is a very tough task to kill the bosses, but it is even more difficult to loot the right thing (armor, weapon, jewelry, or mount), which several players want to get at the same time. If you don't want to spend a ton of time and nerves completing pre-raid dungeons, learning tactics, assembling a group of people with the necessary equipment and skills, then contact us. “Unlimited Boost” – is a team of professional WoW players that can guarantee a full completion with no issues. Choose your boost run for any of the actual raids in WoW and enjoy it.

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WoW Raid Boost for Affordable Price WoW Raid Boost for Affordable Price

If you’re looking for assistance with World of Warcraft, you’ve come to the right place. Unlimited Boost is a full-stack WoW service provider that takes care of all the raiding things. Whether you choose Classic or Retail version, Horde or Alliance, we'll give you all you want. We have groups of professional boosters for all realms and factions without any exceptions. Do you want full heroic gear or rare mount? We’ll take you in raid every week until you get all the needed items. Check out the actual services listed on this page. If you can't find an option you need, just contact us and we'll provide you with individual service.

Getting WoW Raid Gear for Fast and Cheap

Benefits of Raid Boosting

Why is it great to use the WoW raid service? It will help you to:

  • Avoid spending a lot of time searching for an organized group with skilled members;
  • Stop getting bounced back from raid leaders due to lack of experience or equipment level;
  • Forget about persistent wipes without any loot and progression;
  • Take all the useful loot for yourself and not share it with other players.

We don't care how long you have been playing the game, what is your skill and items level. With our team, you are 100% guaranteed to finish any raiding instance fast and easy, eventually moving your character to a maximum gear stage. With our boosting raid services with flexible loot options, you'll get all the wanted items in no time.

What do you need to know?

  • What is the average duration of World of Warcraft Raids? – It is about 1-6 hours;
  • How many times can I get loot from the instance? – Once per week, due to a cooldown assignment;
  • Do I need to share my account? – No, you don’t. You need to play with our team yourself;
  • What do I need to get loot? – The character needs to make at least 1 hit to the boss;
  • How long is it to get full heroic gear? – It usually takes 3-5 weeks.

Shadowlands Raids

The first raid in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion is the “Castle Nathria” – gothic-style castle located in the center area of Revendreth. It consists of three quarters and ten unique bosses. First, players will need to defeat Shriekwing at the entrance to the castle, and then they will be able to decide for themselves which of the quarter to go to – down to the catacombs, or head to the ballroom and the banquet hall – in each of them the heroes will be awaited by 3 bosses: Huntsman Altimor, Hungering Destroyer, Artificer Xy'Mox, Sun King's Salvation, Lady Inerva Darkvein and The Council of Blood. After defeating the first 7 bosses, players will have to return to the entrance to the castle in order to then fight with Sludgefist and climb the tower. In the tower, players will be able to fight the penultimate boss Stone Legion Generals, the battle which takes place in two rooms at once, and then with the final boss – Sire Denathrius on his terrace.

The “Castle Nathria” raid has several difficulty modes. The simplest is the LFR mode, in which bosses will drop items with 187-194 ilvl. Also, players have access to these modes:

  • Normal – 200-207 ilvl;
  • Heroic – 213-220 ilvl;
  • Mythic – 226-233 ilvl.

After completing this WoW raid , players can receive the title “Sinbreaker” or “Famed Slayer of Denathrius”, different achievements, unique mount “Rampart Screecher”, special weapon tokens, transmog equips and a lot of other items..

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Getting WoW Raid Gear for Fast and Cheap
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