World of Warcraft Reputations

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In the World of Warcraft universe there are many factions and organizations, with each of which players can develop relationships – increase reputation. This can be done by completing quests offered by NPCs from the desired faction, quests can be repetitive and non-repetitive. In some cases, rep points can be awarded for killing certain mobs. This parameter shows the level of attitude towards you of a certain faction. With a negative indicator, clan members will attack you, and with a positive indicator, on the contrary, they will help, give a discount on goods and allow you to buy unique items. Rep Leveling in World of Warcraft is the main opportunity for obtaining various equipment, mounts, recipes for professions, etc.

Rep Boost Service

The “Unlimited Boost” team provides WoW reputation boost services for all who don’t want to waste time repeating the same actions. All you need to do is choose the faction and reputation you desire, and we will do the rest. There are four levels of positive rep available in WoW: Friendly, Honored, Revered and Exalted. In the new World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion reputation with one of the Covenants (Kyrian, Necrolords, Night Fae or Venthyr) plays a very important role – this is the only way to gain access to unique rewards, Covenant abilities, transmog sets, ingredients for crafting legendary items.

What can you get with our service:

  • Required rep level with chosen faction or Covenant;
  • Unlocked rep rewards: gear, mounts, recipes, ingredients;
  • Unlocked achievements and titles;
  • Saved time, effort and nerves.