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Subscription is our best offer for all active World of Warcraft players who want to gear up their characters to the maximum. To succeed in this game, you need to perform certain actions every week: passing dungeons and raids, farming reputation and rare ingredients for crafting, etc. We can help with all of these things. By subscribing, you’ll receive chosen boosting services for as many weeks as you select, but pay much less, because the subscription includes a good discount.

What is included in the Subscription

We provide several types of subscriptions to meet your needs. The full package includes:

Every week we’ll do for your hero all the needed activities. We don't trade any items from the dungeons and raid, so you’ll get all the loot, gold, rewards, achievements and also Soul Ash which needed to craft and upgrade customizable Legendary items.

Do you value your time and don't want to waste it? “Unlimited Boost” services are what you need. Subscribe – your character will grow stronger and stronger every week, and you will not only get an exciting experience, powerful equipment, new mounts and pets, but also save a lot of hours.