This document "Public offer on the conclusion of the contract of compensated rendering of services" is a proposal of unlimited-boost.com to conclude the agreement of rendering of services on the conditions stated below.

Before using the materials and services the Internet site https://unlimited-boost.com and placing your order, please read the terms and conditions of this offer.

1. Basic terms and definitions

1. The website — a set of hosted in the Internet web pages, United by interconnect address space of the domain https://unlimited-boost.com, designed for ordering Services through the Internet. The starting page of the Website, which can be carried out access to all other web pages posted on the Internet at https://unlimited-boost.com.

2. The contractor — SP Semin Roman Anatolyevich, 115516, Russia, Moscow, Bekhtereva., 31, Registration Number: 772485024056. The contractor owns all of the relevant exclusive rights to the Website, including the domain name https://unlimited-boost.com.

3. Customer — any person who has concluded the contract of compensated rendering of services by executive in his or another's interest in accordance with the requirements of applicable law and the terms of this agreement.

4. Service – the perpetrator is aimed at rating upgrade and/or other parameters of the account of the Customer in the online game World of Warcraft (hereinafter – the game) and/or the achievement of Customer specific objectives and outcomes in the game. A complete list and description of services contained in the Website.

5. Ordering – a duly completed request of the Customer for the provision of Services.

6. Offer — the text of the present document, with all attachments, amendments and supplements there to, posted on the Website and available on the Internet at https://unlimited-boost.com that contains the conditions and procedure for the provision of Services.

7. The contract – the contract of compensated rendering of services, entered into and executed by the Customer and the Contractor in the manner and on the terms set forth herein.

2.  General provisions

1.  The contract concluded on terms of this Offer is a legally binding document and governs the relationship between the Customer and the Contractor arising from the order and the provision of Services.

2.  When ordering Services through the Website, the Customer agrees that:

1.  He familiarized himself with the terms of this Offer in full;

2.  Payment Service means that he accepts all the conditions of this Offer in full without any exceptions and limitations from his side (acceptance). The contract concluded by the acceptance of this Offer does not require bilateral signing in writing.

3.  If the Customer does not agree with the terms of this Offer or has the right to conclude the Treaty into force of the law, he should abandon the checkout.

4.  Offer (including any of its parts) can be changed by the Performer without any special notice. The new revision of the Offer comes into force from the moment of its posting on the Website, unless otherwise provided in the new version of the Offer.

5.  The payments under the Contract may be made between Contractor and Customer, including with third parties – banks, payment systems and payment services. Thus, for the purposes of settlement between the Parties, the Customer may be required to accept the terms of calculations these persons.

3.  Relationship of the Parties may be further regulated in a separate documents and agreements. The use of such additional documents and agreements does not alter this Offer.

3.  The subject of the contract on offer

1.  The contractor undertakes to perform the actions aimed at improving the ranking and/or other parameters of the account of the Customer in the game and/or the achievement of Customer specific objectives and outcomes in the game, and the Customer agrees to pay for the Services.

2.  Name, cost, duration of Services, and other necessary terms of the Contract are determined on the basis of information provided by the Customer during the Ordering process and are an integral part of the Contract.

4.  The procedure of registration of order

1.  The website https://unlimited-boost.com is intended to familiarize Customers with information about Services and ordering Services through the Internet. The relations between the Customer and the Contractor, the provisions of civil law on paid services and other legal acts adopted in accordance with them.

2.  Ordering of Services on the Website by the customer by placing the Order.

3.  When ordering Services on the Website, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions of the Services listed below.

1.  The customer shall be acquainted with the description of Services, choice of Services (package of Services) determines the amount (quantity) of Services and click on the button "add To cart", after which the selected Services are moved to the trash. The room Services in the basket in itself is not an Order. Before Ordering, the Customer can add and remove Services from the basket, change the quantity (volume).

After selecting the required Services and place them in the basket, the Customer clicks on "Checkout" and will automatically be redirected to the form of Order registration.

In the form of an order, the Customer enters the required information about the in-game character, as well as contact information like email address, profile services Skype or Discord, and other information at its discretion (needs), select the method of payment. After filling in all data the Customer clicks on "proceed to payment" and is automatically redirected to the website of the payment system (payment service or Bank) for payment.

4.  After payment the Client is deemed to have accepted (accepting) the terms of this Offer and a Contract is concluded between the Customer and the Contractor on the terms of this Offer and enforceable.

5.  After receipt of the Order, the provider shall contact the Customer by e-mail, Skype or Discord for further details of the Order, arrange, order of Services and other parts, receive the Customer data needed to provide Services.

6.  Services are provided by the Contractor in the amount and within the time agreed by the Parties when Ordering.

7.  Depending on the type of Services, their provision can be implemented in the following ways:

1.  Game By with the account of the Customer. In the event the Contractor enters the game account of the Customer and the execution of the Order on agreed terms. The customer undertakes to transfer to the Contractor login account (username and password), and the Contractor, in turn, ensures the confidentiality of this information and is not entitled to transfer to third parties.

2.  The provision of Services through the support and consulting of the Customer during the game in order to achieve account Customer specific in-game goals and/or results. In this case, the Customer shall follow the instructions of the Contractor and its representatives regarding specific actions in the game.

8.  The results of providing Services are recorded by the screenshots (screenshots), which, if necessary, provided to the Customer after Service delivery.

9.  The parties agreed that the Acts of Services rendered are not issued. If after 3 (three) days from the date of completion of Service (Order fulfillment) Customer has not received any objections to the Services rendered, the Services are considered rendered properly and the Contractor has fulfilled its obligations to the Customer in full and on time.

10. The customer is solely responsible for providing false information, resulting in the impossibility of proper performance by the Contractor of its obligations to them.

11. Services are provided remotely via the Internet through Customer's use of the necessary technical tools, software and information-telecommunication communication channels.

12. If through no fault of the Contractor, the Customer, for whatever reason are not able to use the Services (for example, when you are not connected to the Internet), Services are considered rendered by the Contractor properly.

5.  Payment for services

1. The prices for the services of the Contractor are specified on the Website in US dollars (USD) and in Euro.

2. The contractor shall be entitled at any time to unilaterally change the prices for Services presented on the Website. At the same time, the price of the Service that has already been ordered can not be changed.

3. Payment is made in cashless form. After filling out the Order form on the Website, the Customer is automatically redirected to the website of the payment system (payment service) to pay for Services.

4. Payment is considered completed from the moment of receipt the entire amount of money at the expense of the Contractor.

5. The customer has the right without explanation to refuse Service and request a full refund of the amount paid before the actual start of Services. In this case the Contractor returns Customer the amount paid for Services in full on the basis of the Customer's request aimed at e-mail address support@unlimited-boost.com.

6. In case of refusal of the Customer from the Services in the course of their provision, the Contractor shall refund the paid amount minus their actual costs of providing Services. The return is based on the Customer's request aimed at e-mail address support@unlimited-boost.com. The actual costs of the Contractor for the provision of services determined on the basis of the Contractor data on the volume of Services rendered to the date of receipt of the Customer's application for waiver Services.

7. In cases not specified in clause 5.5. and 5.6. Of the agreement, the return of funds paid for Services carried out in the case that, through no fault of the Customer, the Services rendered by the Contractor improperly (in terms of volume, content, terms of delivery and other deviations from the original conditions of the provision). In this case, the Customer agrees to send to the email address support@unlimited-boost.com an application for refund of the amount paid with the substantiation of reasons of return and specific deficiencies by the Contractor or authorized person in the provision of Services. In recognition of the requirements of the Customer as justified, the Contractor shall refund to the Customer.

8. The contractor is not liable if the Services are rendered properly, however, the results of the Services do not meet the expectations of the Customer.

9. If within three calendar days after the end of the Services from the Customer not received any objections to the Services rendered, the Services are considered rendered properly and in the proper amount. All Customer complaints received after the period specified in this paragraph shall not be considered by the Contractor.

2. The rights and obligations of the Customer

1. The customer may:

1.  acquainted with the materials of the Website and place Orders for Services;

2.  to withdraw from the Contract upon failure of the Contractor to provide the Services;

3.  at all times check the progress and quality of work performed by the Contractor, without interfering with its operation;

4.  to carry out other not prohibited by the law actions related to Service provision.

2.  The customer undertakes:

1.  prior to conclusion of the Contract to read the contents of this Offer.

2.  provide the Contractor with all information necessary to provide Services, accurate information about yourself;

3.  to pay the cost of Services rendered;

4.  to bear other obligations specified in the Offer.

3.  The rights and obligations of the Contractor

1.  The contractor shall:

1.  To provide Services in full, on time and at a price agreed to by the Parties;

2.  Free of charge for an agreed period by the Parties, fix on demand of the Customer identified deficiencies if in the process of providing Services were made retreat worsened the quality of Service provided;

3.  To ensure the confidentiality of the data provided by the Customer;

4.  To provide the Customer with the opportunity to receive free consultations on organizational issues, provision of Services;

5.  To fulfill in full their obligations under the other paragraphs of this Agreement.

2.  The contractor has the exclusive rights to the content, including software products and online services https://unlimited-boost.com in General, and included in their composition or used in conjunction with, computer programs, data bases, information and other text materials, images, and other objects of copyright and/or related rights, and patent rights, trademarks, commercial designations and trade names, as well as other parts of the software and/or online services https://unlimited-boost.com (regardless of whether they are in their composition or are additional components and whether their extraction from their composition and use yourself) separately. These rights are protected in accordance with applicable law.

3.  The contractor will undertake the management of the Site, defines its structure, appearance, permit or restrict user access to the Site, exercise other rights belonging to it.

4.  The contractor decides questions about the order of placement on the Website advertising, participation in affiliate programs, etc.

5.  The contractor has the right:

1.  To involve the provision of Services to third parties. the Contractor remains responsible to the Customer for the actions of third parties and preservation of third party confidential information of the Customer;

2.  At any time to change the design of the Website, its content, change or Supplement used scripts, software, content and other objects used or stored on a Website, any server applications, notifying the Customer or without it;

3.  To send Customers messages (including email), a notification about the introduction of new or cancel the old Services, approval and publication of the new edition of the Offer, notifications containing advertising information about the Contractor's services.

4.  To show the ads on the Site.

4.  Restrictions and prohibitions

1. The customer is prohibited:

1. Use any automatic or automated means for collecting information placed on the Website;

2. To reproduce, copy, process, distribute, download, transfer, sell or otherwise use in whole or in part the content of the Website without the prior permission of the Contractor.

3. Specify when ordering with false or fictitious information;

4. Carry out actions aimed at destabilizing the functioning of the Site, to attempt unauthorized access to the management of the Site or its closed sections (sections, access to which is allowed only to the Contractor) and to perform any other similar actions.

5. Warranty and liability

1. The contractor is not responsible for the quality of Services and also for any adverse effects to the Customer and (or) third parties incurred in the process of providing Services and (or) by results of rendering of the Services if Customer provided false information required for the provision of Services;

2. The customer is responsible for any breach of the obligations stipulated in the Agreement and (or) the applicable law, as also for all consequences of such violations (including any losses that may be incurred by the Contractor and other third parties).

3. Obtaining services from the Contractor is not limited to a geographical location of the Customer and can be from any country. The contractor shall not be responsible for any adverse consequences for the Customer if the receipt of the Services violates the national (local) legislation of the Customer or its contractual obligations.

4. The contractor is not responsible for the accuracy of the information and/or advertising of third party content posted on the Website, the availability of their Internet sites and their contents and also for any consequences connected with use of information and/or advertising, and also Internet sites of third parties.

5. Because the materials and/or online services of the Website are under constant additions and updates on new functionality, form and nature of the services provided and features of the Site may from time to time without prior notice to the Customer.

6. The contractor guarantees the use of its part specified by the Customer contact information solely to communicate with the Customer, send Customer notifications, messages, and other information with the consent of the Customer.

7. The contractor is not liable for possible failures and interruptions in the Site operation and resultant losses of information. The contractor shall not be responsible for any damage to the computer of the Customer, mobile devices, any other equipment or software caused by or associated with the use of the Site or sites accessed through hyperlinks on the Website.

8. The contractor shall not be liable for any damages, including lost profits, or damages, caused in connection with the provision of Services.

9. The contractor is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to the Customer in connection with the Services, including loss of data, the blocking of the account in the game etc..

10. Hyperlinks to any website, product, service, any information commercial or non-commercial nature, posted on the Site are not an endorsement or recommendation of these products (services) by the Contractor. The contractor shall not be responsible for damage caused to the Customer as a result of following such hyperlinks.

11. Aggregate liability of the Contractor under the Contract is limited to the amount received by the Contractor from the Customer under the Contract.

12. The parties are relieved from responsibility for default or inadequate execution of obligations under the Contract for the duration of the force majeure. Under force majeure refers to extraordinary and insuperable circumstances that impede the fulfillment of obligations of the Parties under this Agreement. They include natural phenomena (earthquakes, floods, etc.), circumstances of public life (war, state of emergency, strikes, epidemics, etc p.), prohibitive measures of public authorities (prohibition of transportation, currency restrictions, international sanctions ban the trade, etc.). During this time, the Parties have mutual claims, and each party assumes its own risk the consequences of force majeure.

6. Final provisions

1. The agreement shall enter into force from the date of payment and ends upon the full execution of their obligations by the Parties.

2. All disputes arising between the Parties shall be settled through negotiations. Pre-trial procedure for resolution of dispute arising from relations governed by a Contract, is considered mandatory. The deadline for pre-trial settlement of claims is 10 (ten) working days of receipt of the relevant claim. Upon failure to reach agreement on resolving the dispute, such dispute shall be considered and resolved in the court at the place of location of the Contractor.

3. All services are provided at the client's risk. Site services may be prohibited by the rules of some games, and the game administration has the right to impose sanctions or even to block the client's account. By purchasing the service, the client thereby agrees with these and confirms his awareness of this, freeing the Site Owner from any responsibility related to the foregoing.

4. Court recognition of any provisions of the Offer invalid and not subject of the application shall not entail invalidation of other provisions of the Offer.

5. The contract on the basis of this Offer, including all its integral parts, any other documents prepared in its execution, as well as information that became known to the other Party during the execution of the Contract, is confidential. Such information may not be disclosed in any way without the written consent of the other Party either during the Contract or after its termination. Otherwise, the guilty Party shall compensate the injured Party all damages caused by the losses, including lost profits.

6. All notices, communications, demands, claims and other similar arising from the Contract documents and the Parties send each other, must be in writing. These documents, sent by Fax or electronic mail, with confirmation being sent, have full legal force and can be used as written evidence.

7. Details of the contractor

Skype: Unlimited-boost.com

Discord: unlimited-boost.com#9508

E-mail: support@unlimited-boost.com

Revision date: December 31,2020