Torghast, Tower of the Damned

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Let us introduce you to a new type of endgame content in WoW Shadowlands expansion – “Torghast, Tower of the Damned”. It is a replayable instance located at the center of The Maw, which provides new challenges every time players visit it . It is an ever-changing roguelike-style dungeon that’s important to perform rightly. Here you can endlessly explore the halls and corridors and fight the servants of the Jailer – the terrible lord Torghast. Those who complete all the trials will receive legendary treasures and help free the souls of heroes unfairly imprisoned in this place.

Torghast Carry Service

We provide you to enter into this instance with our group of skilled boosters. We will help you complete all levels of the Tower of the Damned and get the maximum reward:

What can you get with our service:

  • Completed important questlines;
  • Soul Ash that needed to create and upgrade customizable Legendary gear;
  • A lot of different achievements;
  • All loot, gold, equipment, and other stuff that drops during the run.

Our team doesn’t use programs or bots in work, everything is done by hand. Basic requirements for the player: a character with max 60 LvL, average iLvL has to be 155 for first six layers 1-6 and 175 for layers 7+, also access to the Maw and Torghast is needed. If your character does not meet these requirements, then you can use our Powerleveling services.